Kate Stamps


Born in Cambridge, Massachussetts in 1976, Kate Stamps studied art and art history in college. She earned an MFA in painting from Hunter College in 2010. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stamps makes small paintings and sketches using repetitions and groupings of simple shapes and lines. She experiments with a colorful palette and varied painting techniques. Her many years as a landscape painter inform her current work, in which she has introduced themes of floating, dream-like spatial logic, and geometric elements.


Artwork with a unique flair - Hudson Valley Business Journal, 2009

"This exhibit lends a unique and beautifully interpreted version of what we see daily but sometime fail to notice. Ms. Stamps' work is an absolute pleasure to have in our gallery." - County Executive Edward A. Diana

The Science of art - Savannah Morning News, 2007

"Her 'Sea' series features 12 small format paintings and a handful of tiny sketches, all of which focus on the textures and forms that define New York Harbor."